Construction Resources

Construction workers digging

Provided is a list of helpful resource:

  • Revised Traffic Standards (PDF) - The purpose of this document is to regulate the various traffic-related issues associated with public and private development such as: 
    • Access and median regulations
    • Installation of street lighting
    • Placement and implementation of traffic calming devices
    • Placement of traffic control devices
    • Preparation of traffic impact studies
  • City of Las Cruces (CLC) Standards for Road Construction (PDF) - This references the materials and contract installation specifications for
    • Asphalt
    • Concrete
    • Earthwork
    • Traffic signals and lighting
  • Utility Standards (PDF) - Revised June 2017. These standards reference the material, installation, and details for water, sanitary sewer, and natural gas that are maintained by the CLC.
  • Utilities Gas Public Awareness Plan (PDF) - The City of Las Cruces Natural Gas & Energy Line of Business Gas Distribution and Transmission System Public Awareness Plan was revised on November 15, 2022. This plan has been developed to assist the CLC to effectively communicate information concerning the pipeline facility to the general public, public safety agencies, public officials, and persons who engage in excavation activities.
  • General Conditions for Construction Contracts (PDF) - Requirements for all contracted work with the CLC from time of bidding the project to closing the project out.
  • Design Standards (PDF) - These standards outline the minimum design specifications for work in the Public Right-of-Way:
    • Drainage
    • Erosion control
    • Landscaping
    • Traffic standards