Codes Enforcement

Las Cruces Code Enforcement VehicleWhat Codes Enforcement Is

The Las Cruces Police Department’s Codes Enforcement Section enforces codes and regulations that promote the health, safety, and welfare of all citizens. The mission is to preserve the environment and beauty of our city.

Codes Enforcement officers work with the residents, businesses and other organizations to:

  • Develop outreach programs
  • Empower our community through education and awareness of city ordinances
  • Facilitate compliance with city ordinances
  • Initiate special programs targeting specific problems


The officers do this by:

  • Checking business license's
  • Checking residences and business's for environmental issues (weeds, trash etc.)
  • Ensuring the proper building permits have been issued
  • Parking issues
  • Zoning issues (excessive storage, proper use of signs, etc.)

Other situations that the Codes Enforcement officers are called upon may include the vagrancy issues, panhandling and graffiti.

Outreach Programs

Codes officers have outreach programs to educate the public in a variety of ways. Bicycle Rodeos, teaching the youth safe bicycle riding. You might see the Code Officer's at the Farmer's Market at a booth to give information and to hear what you have to say. Programs are taken to the schools to educate the youth as well.

Clean, Safe & Healthy Community

The Codes Enforcement Officers work with the various departments in the City of Las Cruces to strive for a clean, safe and healthy community.

Landlord / Tenant Relationships

For information reference information with the Landlord/Tenant relationships and how they may apply to you, please visit the Landlord/Tenant Relations section for a useful guide for both renters and landlords to know their rights and responsibilities under the New Mexico Uniform Owner-Residents Relations Act, more commonly known as the “Landlord-Tenant Law.”

RV Permits

RV permits are now available. Due to the new Ordinance for RV on-street parking, permits are now required. Permits can be obtained from Community Development at City hall, East Mesa Public Safety Complex or online. For more information, please visit the Community Development's page reference RV Parking Permits.

Municipal Codes

For more information on any additional ordinances other than the ones listed in our Quick Links refer to the Municipal Codes.