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To set up residential solid waste service, contact Customer Central. A 64-gallon or compact or a 96-gallon trash container will be delivered to your home. An additional trash container is available at an additional charge of $9 per month. Residential Bulk Waste and Green Waste Grappler service is provided once a month on your regular service day.

Las Cruces Utilities provides an option for your residential trash disposal needs. We offer a 64-gallon compact saver or 96-gallon trash container to customers who are signed up for Solid Waste Services.  The 64-gallon compact container is offered to those customers who are avid recyclers and produce very little trash. For more information about setting up Solid Waste service, please see Customer Service.

Man by a residential Grappler truckOur system uses a one-person collection vehicle that empties trash containers in your area once a week, on a designated pick-up day, and provides once a month Grappler Service. The grappler will pick up an amount equal to two level half ton pick up truckloads or 4 cubic yards which is equivalent to four 5 by 3 by 2 adjacent piles. 

Customers unable to roll out their container to the street may call Customer Service at 575-541-2111 for more information.

Container Usage

  • On collection day roll out your container to a flat surface at the curb or edge of the street either the night before or by 6 a.m. on your day of service, not on the sidewalk, with the handles and wheels pointing away from the street.
  • Container must be removed by 7 p.m. the same day.
  • To allow access for our trash truck, containers should be at least five feet away from anything that would obstruct the service of your container including: 
    • Light poles
    • Mail boxes
    • Parked vehicles
    • Street signs
    • Trees
    • Other containers
  • Customers with two or more containers need to space them at least five feet apart.
    All residential garbage must be bagged and tied before placing in container.
  • Do not overfill your containers. Overfilled containers will not be serviced. Compact saver containers that are documented by staff as over serviced twice in one year will have the container replaced with the larger capacity 96-gallon container and have the solid waste rate adjusted accordingly and will not qualify for Compact Saver container for one year from the date of the exchange.
  • Lids should be properly closed to prevent spillage and littering.
  • Bungee cords strapped to containers, and rocks/pavers placed into containers are not allowed.

Do not put the following items into your container:

  • NO MEDICAL WASTE (per section NMAC of the New Mexico Environmental Protection regulations)
  • Any form of hazardous waste
  • Concrete, remodeling, or demolition material.
  • Furniture or auto parts
  • Gas
  • Hot ashes
  • Large appliances and boxes
  • Oil
  • Paint
  • Tree trimmings that exceed two feet

Residential Rates

Solid Waste Rate details

Residential Recycling Rate details

What To Recycle

Solid Waste fees will not be suspended unless all City Utilities services are terminated. 

South Central Solid Waste Authority Transfer Station

If you have items that do not fit Solid Waste or Grappler guidelines, for a fee you may take your items to the South Central Solid Waste Authority (SCSWA) Transfer Station or residents can take clean fill and yard waste to the Foothills Landfill at no charge. For questions regarding your Recycling service contact Curbside Recycling at 575-323-5086 or visit their website. Note: Charges do not include taxes or franchise fees.