Therapeutic Activities & Sports

The City of Las Cruces Parks and Recreation Department offers a variety of activities and sports programs for individuals with disabilities. These programs are designed to provide opportunities for people of all abilities to participate in recreational activities and promote physical fitness, socialization, and skill development. Here are some examples of the activities and sports offered:

  1. Wheelchair Basketball: The department offers a wheelchair basketball league for individuals with mobility impairments. The league is open to all ages and skill levels and provides an opportunity for players to develop their basketball skills in a supportive environment.
  2. Special Olympics: The Parks and Recreation Department partners with the Special Olympics of New Mexico to provide year-round sports training and competitions for individuals with intellectual disabilities. Sports offered include basketball, bowling, track and field, and more.
  3. Aquatics: The department offers aquatics classes for individuals with physical disabilities, such as spinal cord injuries or amputations. The classes are designed to improve mobility, strength, and overall physical fitness.
  4. Inclusive Recreation Programs: The department also offers a range of inclusive recreation programs, such as art classes, dance classes, and music classes, that are designed to be accessible to individuals with disabilities.
  5. Sports Events: The Parks and Recreation Department hosts sports events throughout the year, such as cycling races and wheelchair tennis tournaments. These events provide opportunities for individuals with disabilities to participate in competitive sports and showcase their skills.