Abate: lessen, reduce, or remove

Emergency: Major Nuisance

  • Abandoned/dilapidated/vacant properties that have become an immediate public health and safety issue that may have been damaged due to a fire or abnormal weather occurrence.
  • Properties that is accessed easily by the public.

Problematic Nuisance

  • Abandoned/dilapidated/vacant properties with no living legal owner or family contacts
  • Abandoned/vacant commercial properties that may have multiple owners/investors.
  • Abandoned/vacant residential properties that may be controlled by either a Trust or an Estate.
  • Properties accessed easily by the public.
  • Properties under foreclosure and are in “legal limbo”
  • Properties with no know owner (rarely occurs)

Minor Nuisance

  • Abandoned/vacant properties with known owners that have nuisance maintenance issues.
  • Foreclosed properties with nuisance maintenance issues.