Land & Real Estate Services

Land and Real Estate Services is tasked with managing property and rights of way based upon our mission to serve in the best interest of the citizens of Las Cruces to include, but not limited to, the following processes:

  • Leasing and disposing of public property for municipal projects to meet both long and short term needs
  • Acquiring property and rights of way for utilities, facilities and public use
  • Determining property ownership status for City owned properties and rights of way
  • Assigning and acquiring easements to secure underground and overhead utilities services for the City of Las Cruces
  • Managing general land agreements
  • Managing City related leases
  • Processing requests for vacations of superfluous rights of way and easements

Accessing Services

If you require our services, contact a Real Estate Services Specialist and we will work with you to identify the information needed to process your request. Once your needs have been identified, please select the appropriate packet from the following list and return completed forms to our office. Please ensure that signatures have been notarized as required. Upon receipt of application and processing fee, we will thoroughly research and process your request as appropriate.