A. Fielder Memorial Safe Haven - Weed & Seed

The A. Fielder Memorial Safe Haven was designed to provide young people and community residents with a secure neighborhood facility where children can gather daily in a safe environment to engage in educational activities such as homework/reading, life skill presentations and a variety of recreational activities. 

This facility provides age-appropriate afterschool and summer programming with a unique focus of maintaining the cultural traditions of the community it serves.

Mission Statement

To provide an area where children can gather in safety with supervision; where they can engage in educational, athletic and recreational activities.

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To provide a location for those who wish to mentor and role model children in the area who are often deprived of these social supports.

Group Activities

Group activities are separated by age/grade (Kindergarten through 5th grade). There are up to 15 children in each age group and they have their own designated staff member(s). Examples of topics include:

  • Community service
  • Creativity and the arts
  • Education
  • Life skills
  • Music appreciation
  • Physical fitness
  • Positive social interaction
  • Team building
  • Teamwork

 For more information call 575-528-4257