Studio Programs


Registration for classes must be done in person at the Museum of Nature & Science, 411 N. Main St. Tuesday – Saturday, 10am-4pm. For more information call 575.528.3330 or email  (Classes are subject to cancellation if they do not meet minimum enrollment.)

**Please note that programs listed may be updated, rescheduled, cancelled, or altered in observance of public health orders. All changes will be announced on or social media. 

Scholarships are available through the generosity of the Foundation for Las Cruces Museums’ William Wachtel Memorial Scholarship Fund. To apply visit

Studio Programs offer access to creative learning opportunities for children, teens, and adults in the Las Cruces community. Classes are for people of all skill levels, and students have the chance to learn a new skill or enhance existing knowledge while guided by local, experienced, and qualified professional artists.

Friday Night Painting Parties (18+) for 2023

An evening of painting, socializing, and FUN!  No art skills needed. All supplies will be provided. $20 per person.  Each will be held from 6-8pm with snacks and drinks.  Sign up now as classes are filling up FAST!! 

(**NOTE: There will be no painting parties May - July **)                                  

Summer Classes 2023 (Registration begins April 11th)

Summer Shorts - June 7-24 (3 week classes) register by May 27

Wednesday - Adult Watercolors - 530-730p - $40

Thursday - Adult Acrylics - 530-730p - $40

Saturday - Adult Acrylics - 1030a-1230p - $40

Summer Shorts - July 12-29 (3 week classes) register by July 1

Wednesday - Adult Acrylics - 530-730p - $40

Thursday - Adult Watercolors - 530-730p - $40  FULL

Saturday - Adult Acrylics - 1030a-1230p - $40

Summer 6 week classes - June 7-July 22 (register by May 27)

Wednesday - Adult Jewelry Making - 530-730p - $120

Thursday - Adult Ceramics II - 530-8p - $120

Saturday - Adult Ceramics I - 1030a-1p - $120  FULL

Summer Kids and Teen classes (all classes $25 each)

Week 1 - June 7-9, Wednesday-Friday, register by 5/27

Kids Painting (ages 10-13) - 1030a-1230p      Kids Clay (ages 6-10) - 1030a-1230p  FULL

Teen Painting (ages 13-17) - 2-4p                    Kids Mixed Media (ages 6-10) - 2-4p  FULL

Week 2 - June 14-16, Wednesday-Friday, register by 6/3

Kids Painting (ages 6-10) - 1030a-1230p FULL    Kids Clay (ages 10-13) - 1030a-1230p  

Teen Drawing (ages 13-17) - 2-4p                          Kids Mixed Media (ages 10-13) - 2-4p

Week 3 - June 21-23, Wednesday-Friday, register by 6/10

Kids Painting (ages 10-13) - 1030a-1230p         Kids Clay (ages 6-10) - 1030a-1230p  FULL

Teen Painting (ages 13-17) - 2-4p                       Kids Mixed Media (ages 6-10) - 2-4p  FULL

Week 4 - June 28-30, Wednesday-Friday, register by 6/17

Kids Painting (ages 6-10) - 1030a-1230p FULL    Kids Clay (ages 10-13) - 1030a-1230p

Teen Drawing (ages 13-17) - 2-4p                          Kids Mixed Media (ages 10-13) - 2-4p

Our new Calendar of Events for April - June, 2023, is available in the museums.

Adult Classes

  1. Ceramics Classes
  2. Mixed Media
  3. Painting & Drawing

Ceramics I

This class is designed for beginner students to learn and practice basic techniques for building functional ceramic forms. Begin by exploring hand-building techniques such as coil and slab building, then move on to creating forms such as bowls, cups, and mugs on the potter’s wheel. Learn about glazing techniques and bring home functional pottery.

Ceramics II

Further your ceramics skills by continuing to practice basic techniques to build functional and decorative ceramic forms. This class will help you hone your skills in hand-building and wheel throwing. Prerequisite: Ceramics I or approval from the Studio Programs Coordinator.

Advanced Sculpting

This class is designed for students who are ready to build upon their basic ceramic skills and ideas by using hand-building techniques to sculpt. Starting with a quick overview of the materials and techniques from beginner ceramics, the class then moves on to more advanced instructor-led projects intended to help students expand their skills.  
Prerequisite: Ceramics I or approval from the Studio Programs Coordinator  

Kids / Teens Classes

  1. Ceramics
  2. Drawing & Painting
  3. Mixed Media

Kids Clay (ages 6-10 and 10-13)

Students will get to have fun and get messy with clay in between their fingers. Students will learn about clay and ceramics while being led by the instructor to create ceramic artworks such as ice cream bowls, bird houses, animal faces and more. Each student gets to paint their work at the end and go home with multiple works of art.

Teen Ceramics (ages 13-17)

Students in this class will learn some basics of ceramics and then move on to learn the ancient art of wheel- throwing pottery under the direction of one of our art instructors. In this class, teens are introduced to the potter’s wheel to learn the tricky yet extremely fun and tactile skill of wheel throwing. Students will learn how to create bowls, plates, mugs and more, which will then be glazed and taken home at the end of class.