Waste Disposal

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Solid Waste

The City of Las Cruces Solid Waste Utility supplies about 31,000 residential and 2,200 commercial customers with trash containers. It also disposes of about 6,000 tons of trash per month. Click on the links for more information on new residential or commercial services, to disconnect service, or for solid waste service rates (PDF).


The City of Las Cruces provides curbside recycling as part of residential services. Recycling is a successful program that reduces the amount of waste that is put into landfills. In addition, recycling conserves our natural resources, conserves energy and reduces water pollution, air pollution, and greenhouse gas emissions. Visit the Solid Waste Utility pages for more information.

Illegal Dumping

To report illegal dumping, useful information such as vehicle description, license plate number, and location are helpful to catch violators. Authorities recommend not confronting anyone who is dumping illegally. Call the City of Las Cruces Codes Enforcement for illegal dumping within the city limits at 575-528-4100 or use the reporting form Ask the City.


Utilities Wastewater maintains some 533 miles of sewer lines and 17 lift stations, with the Jacob A. Hands Wastewater Treatment Facility treating 3.3 billion gallons of sewage per year. The City reclaims and purifies wastewater to meet or exceed water quality standards for “purple pipe” irrigation of some parks, a golf course, and a local high school.