What makes Las Cruces, Las Cruces? It's our special ingredient: Cariño! Cariño is the love, care, and affection that we, as a city organization, put into Las Cruces. In everything we do for the community, we have cariño. 

Please share with us your stories of how you have experienced cariño from the City of Las Cruces!

  1. R Armijo R Martinez J Villegas

    Cariño to Renee Armijo, Ralph Martinez, and Jessie Villegas, Parks & Recreation

    The Parks & Recreation Administrative office received a call on Friday, February 16, 2024, from Susie Cordero expressing her happiness about the graffiti being removed from the signs at Camelot Gardens Park. Read on...
  2. Rudy Alvarez

    Cariño to Rudy Alvarez, Bus Driver, Transit

    The Transit Section would like to thank our Bus Operator, Rudy Alvarez for going above and beyond in his job duties. Read on...
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