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Ceci Vasconcellos, Public Art Coordinator, talks about the Las Cruces Public Art program and explains why the public art blog is called "Rubber Ducks".


Ask ALICE: Art Smarter, Not Harder offers programming for artists and creatives with opportunities to learn new skills and meet other creatives. Go to Ask ALICE for more details. 

Art Stop Rotating Public Art Exhibit

“Art Stop” is a public art pilot program that places art in public places to make art more accessible to community members, specifically along the City bus routes. Six original artworks were selected and will be placed in pre-selected bus shelters in each district of the city.

Go to Art Stop Public Art Exhibit to see all six selections and their bus shelter locations. 

For CLC Employees Only - 

After Hours: City Staff Art Exhibit

Call for Artists! The Public Art office is accepting artwork submissions created by city staff for the ongoing After Hours: City Staff Art Exhibit. New shows every three months. All artwork must be original. If you create visual art on your personal time and are interested in displaying an original piece, here's your chance. 

For art requirements and to submit your artwork, go to After Hours Exhibit Submission Form

Las Cruces Public Art Projects

Animal Services Center of the Mesilla Valley (ASCMV)

The new Animal Services of the Mesilla Valley facility is the forever home to a sculpture recently installed on the corner of Roadrunner Parkway and Bataan Memorial West. "Sun Shelter," by artist Vito DiBari and team, serves as a beacon for the shelter and reflects the services of the center while engaging the community. The artwork is inspired by the center's logo and services, highlighting a cat and dog, two of the primary animals cared for by the ASCMV.  Directly behind them is the silhouette of a sun, which is an emblem of protection that shines bright upon the animals. The symbolic elements that form the lattice embody values of humane animal care and promote responsible pet ownership. The sculpture measures 9ft tall with a 7ft base. 

Large art sculpture of a cat and dog in front of the Animal Services Center

"Sun Shelter" by Vito DiBari and Team

Fire Station #3

Fire station #3 has a newly installed public art feature on one of its towers, the first public art piece in Las Cruces that is directly installed on a building. "Cloud Cover" by artist Arturo Garcia celebrates the gift of water, both its life-giving quality and its life-saving-ability to suppress fire. The art is influenced by the designs found on local ceremonial blankets and depict the water sprays used by firefighters. "Cloud Cover" is an interpretation of a blanket used for warmth and protection, and honors the firefighters who care for the collective good of their community.

South Wall perspective of pueblo inspired art on the Fire Station 3 building

"Cloud Cover" South Facing Tower Wall

West Wall perspective of pueblo inspired art on the Fire Station 3 building

"Cloud Cover" West Facing Tower Wall

North Wall perspective of pueblo inspired art on the Fire Station 3 building

"Cloud Cover" North Facing Tower Wall

Visit Las Cruces Mural Project

Visit Las Cruces recently completed a commissioned mural project that culminated with "Con Amor" by artist team Anahy Nuñez and Aaron Valenzuela. 

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