Equal Employment Opportunities

City Equal Opportunity / Americans withbook glasses and gavel Disability Act  (EEO/ADA) Policy

The City does not tolerate any form of unlawful discrimination on the basis of race, color, religion, sex (gender, sexual orientation, gender identity), national origin, ancestry, serious medical condition, age, disability and or retaliation, for exercising EEO/ADA related protected activity, in city employment, under city contracts, city-operated programs, services, facilities or in public accommodations.

Equal Employment Opportunities (EEO/ADA) Office

The EEO/ADA office assists with interpretation of City policy and federal and state laws dealing with discrimination. Additionally, the office may receive internal complaints; conduct internal investigations; and where appropriate, facilitate the resolution of said complaints. Further information regarding EEO/ADA discrimination complaint process, including filing an internal complaint, is located on this website and in Section 1103 of the City of Las Cruces Personnel Manual and Public and Las Cruces Municipal Code (“LCMC”), Chapter 14 - Human Rights - Article II - Discrimination - Division 2, revised April 4, 2013, and City Manager (“CM”) Policy, number 42, Customer Service/Public Complaint Policy. LCMC 405. ID. The City EEO/ADA Office documents the City’s processing of all formal discrimination complaints filed with the City