Accounts Payable

Mission Statement

The purpose of the City of Las Cruces Accounts Payable Program is to provide payments, information, and inquire response services to Vendors, City Departments, Governmental Agencies, and City customer so they can receive timely compensation. 

Vendor Invoicing Guidelines

  1. How should I submit my invoices to the City of Las Cruces?
  2. What needs to be on your invoices?
  3. Invoice Requirements

To improve the efficiency of this process, we are starting to phase out paper-based invoicing and therefore ask you to send your invoices only to us via email as an attachment ( (preferred method).  In instances where this is unavoidable and cannot be done electronically, please send hard copy invoices directly to the City of Las Cruces Disbursement section for scanning and processing.  Invoices with postal addresses to City Departments will no longer be valid.  Invoices sent directly to the City Departments (business units) may result in delayed payments.  

Mailing Guidelines and Delivery Methods

  1. Preferred Method - E-Mail
  2. Least Preferred Method - Mail
  3. Correct Address

Invoice submitted as an e-mail attachment.

Provide PDF Invoice email attachment, you can send the invoice to the following email address:

  • Link to email address:
  • The attachment can be sent in a pdf (preferred) or tiff format.  It should not exceed a maximum of 10MB in size.  One pdf or tiff file can contain only one single invoice (with the supporting documents, if needed).

Payment Status

  1. Where is my payment?
  2. What if my invoice is rejected?
  3. How can I get a remittance?

Accounts Payable staff strive to ensure that payments are made correctly, and in a effective and efficient matter. Your assistance in this endeavor is greatly appreciated. By following the above guidelines, you will assist us in ensuring prompt and accurate payments. If you have any questions regarding the status of your payment, you can contact staff by emailing Please provide:

  • Company Name
  •  PO Number assigned for the purchase
  • Invoice Number
  • Invoice Total

Staff may not be able to identify the status of payments that are sent directly to the user Departments or Programs. It is imperative to send invoices directly to Accounts Payable to allow entry into our payment system, and allow tracking of invoice status.