City EEO/ADA Complaint Resolution Process

The City’s Complaint/Grievance Resolution Process is established to facilitate the resolution of formal complaints of discrimination and comply with federal and state nondiscrimination requirements. It is available to complainants otherwise unable to resolve their issues. The City discrimination complaint resolution process is outlined, as well, on the City Discrimination Complaint Form. It requires the following:

  • Filing of a formal (written) complaint, with the City’s EEO/ADA Office, within thirty (30) days of the most recent event, term or condition of alleged unlawful discrimination.
  • Investigation of the complaint is to begin within five days, following the complaint filing.
  • Within 45 days, the EEO/ADA Coordinator, or designee, shall forward a report to the City Attorney.
  • The City Attorney, or designee, has fourteen (14) days to issue a determination to the City Manager.
  • Thereafter, as may be necessary, the City Manager, or designee, shall review the determination and or report, for appropriate action. If necessary, such action may include forwarding the determination to the appropriate City Department Director.

All complainants are free to file formal complaints of discrimination with appropriate federal or state agencies, prior to, during and following the City’s processing of the complaint. In the event the complainant files with the appropriate federal or state agency, the City may elect to cease its internal processing of the complaint.