Community Engagement Office Services

The Community Engagement Office supports City departments in reaching out to the public to provide information and resources that benefit the community and residents of Las Cruces. The Office supports the community by assisting individual members of the public, civic organizations, neighborhood groups, and community agencies in obtaining and knowing how to use important resources and information that improves the quality of living in Las Cruces.

  • Some of those services include:
    • Increasing awareness of programs and services provided by the City
    • Providing referrals and information to answer public inquiries
    • Coordinating with the City Council, City Manager, and Assistant City Managers regarding constituent issues
    • Soliciting public input through various methods, including surveys, about City services and programs for continuous improvement to all customers
    • Cultivating positive outcomes for members of the public who report issues or problems in their neighborhoods
    • Connecting residents to City employees in a meaningful and productive manner
    • Increasing public awareness, engagement, and participation with municipal government
    • Registering neighborhood groups through the City’s Neighborhood Groups program
    • Build strategic relationships through partnerships and collaborations with City departments, external agencies, individuals and groups
    • Conduct proactive outreach activities and ensure responsiveness to citizens on questions, issues, and concerns

Developing Leaders Academy Interest Form

Neighborhood Leadership Academy 2024 Application Form

Neighborhood Leadership Academy

The Relaunch of the Neighborhood Leadership Academy (NLA) is set to take place January 10, 2024. The objective of the NLA is to develop community leaders, provide an understanding of the City's services, engage constituents in City decisions, projects, future of the City, and to increase community pride. Our vision is for all Las Cruces residents to have the opportunity for a meaningful and positive civic engagement with their municipal government.


The free academy consists of ten sessions (one per week for ten consecutive weeks) and a graduation ceremony. The sessions occur from 6 - 8 p.m. on Wednesday evening from January 10 - March 27, 2024,

Participants will meet at various locations around the city to receive firsthand information from City departments. A pre and post survey will be conducted to identify knowledge of participants and to measure qualitative and quantitative data.


The academy has a maximum of 25 participants and will be held once a year. The academy requires a commitment to attend at least 7 of the 10 classes. Registration begins Wednesday, November 1, 2023, and continues through Friday December 29, 2023. Applicants must be 18 years and older and much have their own transportation.


Apply for the Neighborhood Leadership Academy HERE

Tentative Schedule

Neighborhood Leadership Academy 10 - Week Agenda & Graduation Ceremony


  • Day 1 January 10, 2024, Council Chambers

Government: City Councilors, Mayor, and the Office of the City Manager

         (Roles and Responsibilities)

  • Day 2 January 17, 2024, Council Chambers

City’s Budget: Financial Services and Public Works

(City’s Budget)

  • Day 3 January 24, 2024, Council Chambers

Legal: City Attorney’s Office and City Clerk

(Legalities, files archive, and request documents)

  • Day 4 January 31, 2024, Council Chambers

Community Development: Community Development, Planning and Implementation

(, Building Development, Permits, Planning & Zoning, Capital Improvement Program)

  • Day 5 February 7, 2024, Meet at Museums

Quality of Life: Museums, Libraries, and Senior Centers

  • Day 6 February 21, 2024, Meet at Parks and Recreation

Parks and Recreation Department & Keep Las Cruces Beautiful

  • Day 7 February 28, 2024, Meet at Utilities

Utilities: Gas, Water, and Environmental Services

(Services, policies, online services)

  • Day 8 March 6, 2024, Meet at East Mesa Complex

311 & Code Enforcement: Community Engagement & Police Department

(Municipal Codes and tracking constituent’s complaints/suggestions)

  • Day 9 March 13, 2024, Meet at Fire and Police on Picacho

911 & First Responders: Police Department & Fire Department

(Neighborhood Traffic Calming Program, Public & Safety)

  • Day 10 March 27, 2024, Meet at Visit Las Cruces

Communication and Visit Las Cruces

(Marketing and Promoting Las Cruces)


  • April 1, 2024, Graduation Brunch and Ceremony