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Elevate Las Cruces

The City’s Comprehensive Plan is an overarching policy document serving as a guide for the future growth and development of our community. The current Comprehensive Plan, Elevate Las Cruces, was unanimously approved by City Council on February 18, 2020. 

The Elevate Las Cruces Comprehensive Plan is our community’s unified policy guide and action plan for enhancing Las Crucens’ long-term prosperity and happiness by building a city that is environmentally, fiscally, and socially sustainable. 

The first volume of Elevate Las Cruces describes the community's Vision, and provides policy recommendations to achieve this Vision in the form of a Future Development Program, Future Thoroughfare Program, and Work Program consisting of various Goals, Policies, and Actions to undertake. 

Volume I: Elevate Las Cruces (Print-Ready PDF)

You can also view various aspects of the planning process provided in the following volumes. The proceeding volumes provide information about our community used in the planning process, details on the Scenario Planning Initiative undertaken to assess potential future growth scenarios, and an overview of the Community Participation Program. 

Volume II: Community Profile (Print-Ready PDF)

Volume III: Scenario Planning Initiative (Print-Ready PDF)

Volume IV: Community Participation Program (Print-Ready PDF)

*Print-ready PDF's are available for download above. Please contact staff for additional printing options.