Business Permitting

Permit Services Guidelines

Most building projects require application reviews to be completed before a permit is issued. This process helps ensure compliance with various codes, ordinances and standards. Submit permit applications through the City of Las Cruces Permit Portal.    

Permit Types may include:

Getting Started Guide to Apply for a Permit

  1. Prerequisite:  You must have a valid address assigned from the City
  2. Visit the City of Las Cruces Citizen Portal
  3. Register for an account (step-by-step instructions are found below in Resources) 
  4. Login with a username and password
  5. Click on either the Building or Parking tab at the top, then click on the Create an Application option, accept the General Disclaimer, and continue through the application process by selecting Continue Application until you have finished the application. 

Next Steps:  Permits are processed within 0 to 3 business days for residential projects and based on the valuation, commercial projects can take between 0 to 8 business days.