Business Support Services

Would you like to engage with our Business Development team for guidance on a business-related query or challenge? If so, schedule a consultation with our City staff using our Business call our Business assistance Line (575) 541-2286.

The Business Assistance Line is available from 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. Monday through Friday.  Assistance is available in both English and Spanish. 

  • Who should call? 
  • Individuals who would like to start a new business in Las Cruces 
  • Current Business owners who are looking to expand in Las Cruces 
  • Business owners who are relocating a business to Las Cruces 
  • Current business owners in Las Cruces who have questions or concerns with City requirements or processes. 

Topics that businesses may want to discuss and better understand are workforce training and education, business incentives and grants, zoning regulations, financial planning, and permitting. We can help you with these and others and direct you to the appropriate parties.


If your business is on the verge of expansion or initiation and you seek vital information to inform your next strategic move, we are ready to assist. Whether you are contemplating the establishment of a new business within the City of Las Cruces or require a thorough assessment of information essential for effective marketing of your products or services at your current location, our expertise is at your disposal. Additionally, if you are in need of guidance in selecting a new business location within the city, or if you wish to delve into workforce-related concerns and acquire marketing data to foster the growth of your business, we are well-equipped to provide the professional support and insights you require. Here are the types of reports we are able to assist you with:

  • Location Data Reports - Detailed age, industry specific and occupational skill sets and as such workforce availability related to some of your business staffing needs within a 1/3/5-mile radius surrounding a specific location in the City.
  • Tapestry Segment Profiles - Created by ESRI, may be described as curated individual/family profiles with their own lifestyle, education, and vocational attributes along with arts, cultural, recreational and other unique interests and median household incomes. 
  • Graphic Profile - Detailed demographic information by race, ethnicity, age, home value and household income.
  • Traffic Count Map - Creates a snapshot of vehicular traffic activity proximate to the address in question during the day the report is run.
  • Civilian Labor Force - Segmented by age, industry and occupation, based upon the U.S. Census ACS (American Community Survey).
  • Household Budget Expenditures 
  • Recreation Expenditures 
  • Retail Demand Outlook – Current, 2023, and 2028.
  • Business Summary – Details on businesses, employees numbers and % ages by SIC and NAICS codes (by industry).
  • Business Locator – 1/3/5 mile radius of businesses surrounding the location your business has provided to the City.

To request reporting for your business, contact: Celina Morales,, 575-541-2286