GO Bond: Walking, Jogging, Biking Recreational Trails

Las Cruces voters approved in 2018 the City’s general obligation (GO) bond that included walking, jogging, biking and recreational trails. The trails portion of the GO Bond was approved for $2.7 million. Descriptions for the projects is listed lower on this page. 

Several awareness meetings have been hosted by the City of Las Cruces, and because the trails are impacted by other partnering agencies, the project is subject to limitations in any proposed changes suggested by community members. However, anyone who has comments or would like to share concerns about the project should email the Community Engagement Office at clcengage@las-cruces.org.

For more information on other GO Bond projects, go to General Obligation Bond Projects.


  • EBID permits–Mesilla Drain Trail has been obtained. Armijo Lateral permit has been submitted. Next one will be the Las Cruces Lateral. 
  • Parks & Recreation Advisory Board Approval 
  • Amendment to design-build contract. 
  • City Council approval. 
  • Begin construction.


December 9, 2020 - GO Bond Trail project presentation by Public Works at the December EBID Board meeting. For agenda and more information, go to https://ebid-nm.org/index.php/information/.


Public input meetings took place as follows-

  • October 15, 2020 - Parks and Recreation Advisory Board (PRAB) Meeting
  • June 16, 2020 - Mesilla Valley Metropolitan Planning Organization (MPO) Bicycle and Pedestrian Advisory Committee (BPAC) – presented same information shown on this page, going in depth over interim detour routes and reasoning behind why those were chosen, with future plans to follow the main plan trails along the drains and laterals when funding, time and collaboration with entities (whether it be with the railroad, NMDOT, EBID) happens.
  • June 10, 2020 - Elephant Butte Irrigation District (EBID)- meeting was held to apply for the first leg of the Mesilla drain trail and get permits from EBID. There were many concerns by the farmers and residents. The trail map was revised to end the Mesilla Drain trail at Burn Lake for the time being due to farmers near NM28 being concerned about the trail running along the drain behind their orchard and the plant. The City did get the first permit, and is now working on getting the second permit, which is the Armijo trail. EBID mandates which side of the drain can be used for the lateral. The east side cannot be used because EBID has restricted us to the west side. 
  • February 20, 2020General Public Input meeting

INFORMATION PRESENTED AT BPAC AND PRAB (Click on picture to enlarge map):

GO Bond Trails Mesilla Drain Trail map Opens in new windowGO Bond Trails Mesilla Drain Trail second view Opens in new window
The Mesilla Drain Trail ties into the Outfall Channel (which is Northwest of Mayfield High School), works it way south crossing Bruins Lane to the Field of Dreams (at this point, will have to do modifications to drain because there is not enough access to build safe trail and get safe access across). Trail continues to crossing Tashiro, and continuing South.The Mesilla Drain Trail mapping shows where it crosses Picacho Ave. This is another area of concern. Public Works had put in for two map grants for two hawk systems. The first hawk system was on the drain just east of 17th Street. NMDOT was concerned about this; from an engineering standpoint, a hawk system crosswalk this close to a major intersection of 17th Street and Picacho Ave. would be in conflict with timing of traffic signals. Public Works did not get the grant so will be utilizing the existing intersection of 17th & Picacho Ave. as the crossing. Trail continues to Amador Ave which will also have to utilize the signalized crossing at 17th and Amador, continuing to Burns Lake and ending at I-10. Working on final design to hopefully get this project started ASAP.

GO Bond Trails Mesilla Drain Trail third view Opens in new windowGO Bond Trails Las Cruces Lateral map
Possible last segment of the trail that across I-10.The Las Cruces Lateral, which starts at the Armijo Lateral, runs southwest of Three Crosses Ave., heading east across Alameda Blvd. to Madrid Ave., utilizing some bike lanes at Madrid Ave. crossing Main (another area where a Hawk system will need to be installed). The Trail will continue behind the police station and end at Spruce Ave. Public Works is currently designing Campo St., going thru different design concepts on how to fit pedestrians and bicyclists, creating a design schematic to fit through the narrow road, and how to accommodate extension of Las Cruces Lateral trail down to Campo St., picking up in the downtown area and extend that in the next phase.

GO Bond Trails Armijo Lateral Trail Opens in new windowGO Bond Trails Armijo Lateral Trail Close Up map Opens in new window
The Armijo Lateral Trail, which starts at the Outfall Channel (west of Dona Ana Road), follows the eastern bank of the lateral to McClure Rd. The concern here is as the trail extends further down the Armijo Lateral, where it ties into Parker Rd., the right of way ends a couple hundred feet north of Parker Rd. so there is not direct access from EBID property to Parker Rd. (Users would have to cross BNSF Railway Company property. Permitting involves a lengthy process.) This causes having to jump to McClure Rd. Improvements will be done on McClure as it crosses to 2nd Street (2nd Street is designated as a shared bike route on the Active Transportation Plan) to get to Parker. (From here, Mesilla Street was too close to railroad traffic signal, and reason for route going to 4th Street.)Shows Mesilla Street proximity to BNSF railroad. 

GO Bond Trails Armijo Lateral Trail 2 Opens in new windowGO Bond Trails Trail Cross Sections Opens in new window
From 4th Street, trail will continue across Picacho Ave. to Hadley Ave. up to Armijo Lateral and continue to Amador Ave., crossing Valley Drive, to the Mesilla Drain Trail.Trail is going to be asphalt. Some areas will have to have some concrete based on width of the bank that is there, to make sure is structurally sound. EBID will work on naming the different locations.

GO Bond Trails Crossing Example map Opens in new window
Trail crossings will have signage with Ziggy the Turtle, the Parks and Recreation Department mascot, stop signs for bicyclists before they enter the roadway, bollards, crosswalk signs, advance warning signs, and wayfinding signs.