Arte Cubano

Museum of Art

October 13 -  January 15, 2021

The exhibit “Arte Cubano currently on display at the Las Cruces Museum of Art until January 15, 2021, highlights the diversity of the islands’ art. Cuban art is so rich in large part because of its diverse cultural blend of African, European, and Latin/Caribbean influences. Add traditional roots with the revolution of 1959, and what you get is Cuban art that occupies a unique aesthetic place in the contemporary art world. The islands’ geography, cultural identity, and political intensity inform the work in a way that is immediately identifiable yet cryptic. The images you see are a few of the pieces of artwork being displayed in the exhibit.  

This touring exhibition has been produced by Mid-America Arts Alliance, with the generous assistance of the Center of Cuban Studies in New York; Corina Matamoros, curator at the National Museum of fine arts in Havana, Cuba; and collectors Kathy and Marc Le Baron and Karen and Robert Duncan.  

image of nose sculptures mounted on wall

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