COVID-19 Response Report


The Las Cruces City Council has been battling the twin challenges of a public health crisis due to the COVID-19 pandemic and the economic fallout. As of February 16, 2021 the Las Cruces City Council has deployed $3.3 million to help people who have been adversely impacted by the pandemic and $500,000 to offer hazard pay to City workers on the frontlines. The funding has been distributed to support nonprofit organizations serving the most vulnerable in our community - including the homeless, elderly and food insecure.

$3.3M Aid Package

$500,000 Hazard Pay

(As of February 16, 2021

Illustration of two hands holding each other and the title together we can

The City created the COVID-19 Response Report to document the response to the pandemic and as a tool for the community to understand where the assistance went to and who is better of because of it. The name was chose to illustrate that only together we can defeat COVID-19.  The report is divided in six sections:

  1. Background
  2. Las Cruces Takes Action
  3. Uses of Funds
  4. COVID-19 Vaccine Plan
  5. Small Business Continuity Grant
  6. Las Cruces Safe Promise

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The City shifted operations to remote work as much as possible. Council meetings, public meetings and programs were held virtually. City departments, such as Parks and Recreation and Quality of Life, created interactive special events for people and families to discourage mass gatherings and to offer a fun alternative to residents so they could stay together, even when apart.


Most of the money comes from the Telshor fund, a reserve fund made up of the City’s share of lease payments made by Memorial Medical Center that is jointly owned by the City and County. The rest comes from the City’s general fund for the Economic Development Department.


Mask Up Las Cruces $50,000
Utilities Assistance $275,000
Sanitation Kits $50,000
Families and Youth, Inc. (Restaurant Voucher Program) $350,000
Catholic Charities of Southern New Mexico $224,500
Cruces Creatives $21,600
Casa de Peregrinos $149,500
La Casa, Inc. $149,500
Mesilla Valley Community of Hope (MVCOH) $224,500
Homeless Outreach Coordinator for MVCOH $50,000
Community Foundation of Southern New Mexico $150,000
La Piñon Assault Recovery Services $53,000
Mesilla Valley Casa $5,000
Loaves & Fishes, Inc. $10,000
3rd. Judicial District Court - Veterans Treatment Court $30,000
DACU Rio Grande $22,000
Senior Programs Meal Delivery $75,000
City Staff PPE & COVID-19 Rapid Response Testing $140,000
Essential Supply Fund $75,000
COVID-19 To Home - Hotel Quarantine $50,000
Las Cruces Public Schools $80,000
Boys and Girls Club $100,000
Economic Flash Assessment $7,500
Mesilla Valley Habitat for Humanity  $65,000
Community Action Agency of Southern New Mexico $200,000
Funeral Services $50,000
Child Care $25,000