Chalk the Plaza

Chalk the Plaza is the newest public art initiative from Las Cruces Public Art and will debut at the inaugural ¡MIRA! Las Cruces spring festival being held on April 29. Chalk the Plaza is a street chalk art competition to be held during the festival from 12-6 pm. Participating artist or artist teams will be competing for Public Choice Award and Best of Show. Prizes are provided by Visit Las Cruces. 

Call for Artists


Las Cruces Public Art Best of Show Prize: Staycation for two from Visit Las Cruces.

Public Choice Award Prize: Certificate and gift card. 


¡MIRA! The Arts & Culture of Las Cruces   

To Submit:

Applicants will need to provide the following information to complete the application form: 

1. Artist/Team name   

2. Team participant names (If minors are participating, please provide ages. Minors 15 years or younger must be accompanied by an adult.)

3. A written description of the proposed art

4. A sketch of the proposed chalk art  

Application form can be found here

General Information

Chalking area will be a block measuring approximately 4’ X 4’. Artwork must interpret the theme "¡MIRA! The Arts & Culture of Las Cruces", which celebrates the arts and culture of the city. Artwork may contain themed iconography, imaginative display, and artful interpretations.


March 3: Call for Artists opens

April 1:  Call for Artists closes

April 7: Selected artists notified 

April 29th: Chalk the Plaza (in conjunction with ¡MIRA! Las Cruces Festival) Day of Event 

 12pm: Artist Setup and Contest begins 

6pm: Contest ends 

7pm: Artists announced

Information, Instructions and Rules 


The Chalk the Plaza sidewalk art contest will be held on Organ St. (Between Bank of the West and the Downtown Plaza) There are ten spaces available. (Map is for reference only. Artist spaces are subject to change.)

Map of Chalk the Plaza


1. The standard block size is 4’ x 4’. Artwork needs to fill the entire block.  

2. The surface of the streets is black asphalt and may have cracks, seams, and other imperfections. White and black tempera paint will be provided by the Chalk the Plaza team for your chalk block base.  

3. Artist blocks will be mapped out and assigned by the Chalk the Plaza team.

4. Timeline for contest is from 12 p.m. to 6 p.m. Public Choice Award voting ends at 5 p.m.  

4. Art must be suitable for public and family viewing. No nudity, gang-related words or symbols, political statements, or vulgar concepts accepted.

5. Artists agree to permit Chalk the Plaza organizers to use artists’ names, images (still and video) and artwork created from the event for any means of promotion. (Full release agreement is in application form.) 

Day of Event

Participating artists/teams will receive the following supplies provided by Visit Las Cruces: 

  • Small bin 
  • Pack of assorted chalk 
  • Pack of assorted chalk pastels 
  • Spray bottle 
  • One art sponge 
  • Trash bag  
  • One bottle each of black and white Tempera paint for base
  • Shade structure will be provided to all artists 

Artists can bring additional supplies if desired. Suggested supplies include: 

  • Additional blending tools  
  • Towels/rags
  • Baby wipes 
  • Sunscreen 
  • Reference images 
  • Rulers and measuring tape 
  • Knee/wrist protection
  • Finger protection 
  • Duct tape or painters tape 
  • Tarps 
  • Additional chalk 
  • Tempera paint 

Note: Using media other than chalk, chalk pastels or tempera will be cause for immediate disqualification.

Chalk The Plaza Application

  1. Terms and Conditions*

    ACKNOWLEDGMENT OF TERMS By submitting this form, I hereby make my application to participate in the 2023 Chalk the Plaza competition hosted by ¡MIRA! Las Cruces Festival and Las Cruces Public Art. I have read, understood, and agree to abide by the rules and regulations set forth and other rules as may be established and presented at my acceptance. I release and forever discharge the ¡MIRA! Las Cruces Festival, Las Cruces Public Art Program, the City of Las Cruces, Visit Las Cruces, its staff, and volunteers from  any responsibility, personal liability, loss, claims or damages arising out of, or in conjunction with the 2023 Chalk the Plaza event. 

    I agree to give permission for Chalk the Plaza and ¡MIRA! Las Cruces Festival organizers to photograph or video record the participation of myself and/or members of my team in activities associated with this event as well as artwork created in association with this event, and to publish the photograph or video recording in printed, electronic, and social media materials for the purposes of representing and promoting such activities to the community at large.

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