"Art Stop" Rotating Public Art Exhibit

Call for ArtistsTeal bus stop with the Las Cruces Public Art signage and QR Code on a poster

Deadline: September 30, 2023

Stipend: $500 per selected artist, six artists total

The City Art Board and City of Las Cruces/Quality of Life Department is proud to announce “Art Stop”, a rotating art program that places art in public places to make art more accessible to community members, specifically along the City bus routes. "Art Stop" is a pilot program. The City Art Board will select six original artworks, submitted in a digital format, that can be printed and placed on pre-selected bus shelters in each district of the city. The artwork will be displayed for 12 months. If pilot program is successful, new artwork will be installed on an annual basis. 

Mission: Las Cruces Public Art commissions and cares for a collection of contemporary public artworks, promotes the community's access to and engagement with public art, and supports the growth of public art practice in Las Cruces. 

Artists must submit via CaFÉ, according to the specifications outlined below.  


  • Must be original artwork. Artwork can be previous work or new work, digital or traditional (photographed in hi-res printable format). 
  • Format of artwork: high-resolution photo or pdf, portrait orientation (36” x 74”), at least 300 DPI with bleed, print size is 6' 2" x 3'.  
  • One image or a collage of images. 
  • No mass produced work and signage will be accepted. 
  • Artist will submit a short bio/artist statement and contact information. 
  • The artwork must be appropriate for public display: Artwork that includes the apparent representation of violence, nudity, denigration of individuals and cultures, or desecration of significant cultural symbols, will be reviewed for their appropriateness to be displayed. Artwork that includes religious subject matter or symbols may be placed in a public space as long as it is not in a location where it can be revered or used in religious service and is solely for the purpose of exhibiting cultural or historical traditions.
  • Must be 18 years or older to participate. 
  • Selected artists must register as a vendor with the City of Las Cruces to receive payment.
  • Artists must sign an artist release to use their work with compensation.

To submit, go to CaFÉ,

The Las Cruces Public Art program strives to achieve the programs goals of diversity, equity, inclusion, and access in particular for artists of color, and to showcase contemporary and traditional arts in new ways.

For Questions, please contact: 

Ceci Vasconcellos, Public Art Coordinator