Why is the Seed Library named Tierra Sagrada?

The Thomas Branigan Memorial Library is home to a beautiful community mural called Tierra Sagrada or Sacred Earth, created by El Paso artist A.O. Carmona. In many cultures and agricultural traditions, seeds hold a sacred place. Indeed, like books, seeds hold a wealth of knowledge and are essential to our well-being. Tierra Sagrada reminds us about community care and sharing.

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1. How does the Seed Library work?
2. How can I find out more information about the seeds I picked up?
3. When can I get seeds?
4. Why are my seed packets so small?
5. Why don’t you have tomatoes (or kale, or whatever you are looking for) right now?
6. Do you take seed donations?
7. How do I learn to save seeds?
8. Why is the Seed Library named Tierra Sagrada?