What is a "Fiscal Year" (FY) and when does it begin and end?

The City of Las Cruces and State of New Mexico follow a Fiscal Year (FY) that starts July 1 and ends June 30. A Fiscal Year is the period designated by the city for the beginning and ending of financial transactions or a budget cycle. The 2015 Annual Budget or Fiscal Year 2014 to 2015 refers to the period that begins July 1, 2014 and concludes on June 30, 2015.

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1. What does Budget Office do?
2. What is a "Fiscal Year" (FY) and when does it begin and end?
3. What is the budget process?
4. What is the difference between the capital budget and the operating budget?
5. How do I get involved or learn about the budget before it’s adopted?
6. What does it mean to “adopt the budget”?
7. Where does the city’s revenue come from?
8. What is an expenditure?
9. What are infrastructure and capital improvements?
10. What is meant by “budget appropriation”?
11. What is a budget adjustment?
12. What is a budget transfer?
13. What is carryover?
14. What is a full-time equivalent position (FTE)?
15. What are user charges?
16. How do I obtain a copy of the Fiscal Year Operating (includes the Message of City Manager) and Capital Improvement Plan Budget?