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Las Cruces Safe Promise

  1. LC-Safe Promise Logo (photo)
  2. To Our Community Members and Our Visitors,
    This is the Las Cruces Safe Promise: We will stay safe ourselves and keep each other safe & healthy as we combat the spread of Covid-19 in our community. We will re-open our city and re-engage with our families, our shops, stores and restaurants. The very things that make Las Cruces a very special place to live, work, visit and thrive.
  3. Please remember the basic elements of conduct that is the heart of the Las Cruces Promise:
    > I promise to act as if I carry the coronavirus > I promise to maintain social distancing of at least six feet > I promise to wear a face covering, wash my hands, use sanitizer > I promise to buy from local businesses that also make this promise. > I promise to practice patience compassion, empathy, connection, respect, and love.
  4. The Las Cruces Promise is who WE are as Las Crucens. It’s how WE live. It’s how WE make it through these difficult times. It’s how we care about each other and about our community. 
  5. If we work together, we’ll come out of this time of challenge stronger, united, resilient and confident in our ability to stand together. We’ll come through this safe, healthy, open and resilient. And we will do it all together. We are #LASCRUCESSTRONG.
  6. And we will do this together: Safe. Healthy. Open. Resilient. All together.
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    By typing in my name, I hereby commit to the Las Cruces Promise, and I consent to be contacted to verify my commitment.
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