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Downtown facility Use Application

  1. Contact Information
  2. Event Information
  3. Downtown Facilities

    The fee for each section is $50/4 hours per area or section

  4. Downtown Facility Requested - select all that are needed
  5. Check All That Apply to Your Event
  6. Event Elements
  7. Event Elements Key

    *Submit a traffic control plan for review and approval by Streets Section and LCPD. Must supply plan and invoice from barricade company.

    **Additional liability insurance is required.

    #Use of the stage sound and lighting will require an additional cost for a City of Las Cruces certified electrician.

    + Use of food trucks will require that you provide porta potties for your event; Consistent with NMEIB code 7.6.2-F. Event organizer will be charged a fee of $15/day for porta potties not removed after event.

  8. Food Trucks and Food Vendors

    Any food vendor preparing food onsite will need to demonstrate certification from Department of Health as well as proof of fire inspection (for food trucks) from the Las Cruces Fire Department.  

    Food trucks will be required to provide $1million liability insurance, listing the City of Las Cruces as an additional insured. 

    See insurance section on CLC website for additional information

  9. Will food and/or beverages be served?
  10. Will food be prepackaged?
  11. Temporary Sound Information

    Under the provisions of the Municipal Code 19-134 of the City of Las Cruces, New Mexico, the undersigned hereby applies for a Temporary Sound Permit, and hereby agrees to the following stipulations:

    1.    Issued permits will be surrendered to any city police officer upon request when it is determined that the restriction of the permit specifying duration has been violated.

    2.    The Chief of Police will review reapplication for a permit and may deny the application for reasons including; multiple documented complaints received by residents in the locality of the permitted activity, or if an applicant has previously been required to surrender a permit.

  12. The applicant hereby applies for a Streets/Block Party Permit and agrees to the following stipulations (please check boxes)
  13. Fees
  14. Facility Use Fees

     $50/4 hours per area or section

  15. Billed in increments of 4 hours

  16. Indicate how many you will need below
  17. Dump fee $45/ton

  18. Additional CLC Staff/Services* Requested - Indicate how many needed
  19. LCPD will provide cost estimate

  20. LCFD will provide cost estimate

  21. Inspections needed at events with food vendor and sound equipment. During work hours $0, after hours $60

  22. *City may require additional services depending on the scope of work and evaluation by various departments
  23. Leave This Blank: