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Council Chambers Remote Participation

  1. Remote Participation Council Chambers

    There are two options for remote participation, Zoom or Call-In.

    Zoom participation will provide the best sound quality. 

    • Participant plans on speaking throughout entire meeting or presenting for a non-consent agenda item(s), OR
    • Participant wishes to share a presentation or their camera.

    Call-In’s can have audio quality issues, however, is a quick and easy way to get someone in or out of the meeting. Should only be used when:

    • Participant needs to join last minute or after meeting starts, OR
    • Participant is speaking on a single Consent agenda item or Non-Consent item that should be quick and is expected to speak very little if at all (exp. Liqueur License transfer).

    This form is only for meetings being streamed or televised by the Communications Office. If for another meeting, contact Adrian Guzman for information on how to setup your hybrid Zoom meeting.

  2. Remote Participation Method*

    Based on information above. Subject to change. If unsure, you can contact Adrian Guzman in the Communications Office.

  3. Zoom Procedure*

    Once form is filled out, the Communications Office (CO) will send a registration link to the remote participant. The remote participant will need to register. CO will approve the registration and the remote participant will get an email with the link to join the Zoom meeting. 

    The remote partiicpant will be asked to join the Zoom meeting about 10 minutes prior to the actuall meeting start. This way we can test the audio connection. The remote participant will then have to remain on the Zoom meeting.

    Presenting staff will assist with the Zoom from the Chambers PC if needed for camera or screen sharing.

  4. Call In Procedure*

    The audio tech will contact the caller based on the information you provide below. A City staff member, from the requesting department, will be responsible for notifying the audio tech in the Sound Mixing Room (room 1303) when it is time to contact the caller and put them on the line. This should be done at least 5 minutes prior to when they are expected to speak. If you cannot locate the audio tech, reach out the Communications Office.

    The caller will be asked to mute their phone until they are called on. If there is a bad signal between the caller and Chambers, the audio tech will disconnect the call. For any questions contact Adrian Guzman in the Communications Office.

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  8. Remote Participant is:*
  9. Zoom Remote Participant plans to:*
  10. Email Zoom registration will be sent to.

  11. Phone line the Audio Tech will call to get remote participant on the call or to contact if issues with Zoom connection.

  12. Remote Participant plans to participate for:*
  13. Please indicate what portions of the agenda the remote participant wishes to participate in. 

  14. This notifying person needs to be present at meeting. The notifier needs to notify the audio tech, who is located in the Sound Mixing Room (1303) when time to call the remote participant.  If audio tech cannot be located please notify the Communications Office. If the caller needs to be on for the entire meeting, the audio tech will contact the caller prior to the meeting starting. 

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