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Kudos Submittal Form

  1. Please use this form when submitting a kudo. Provide complete information and include a photo of the associate(s) receiving the kudo as an attachment. The photo can be a headshot, action shot, or group shot in which the associate appears. If it is a group shot, please indicate who the associate is (2nd from left, center, etc.) Do not send scanned text images. Key in the message if submitted in a letter, postcard, etc. Kudos appear internally on CityNet and externally on the City website.
  2. Kudo is for*
  3. Person receiving kudos.
  4. You can find a person's title in "contacts" within the City's Outlook software.
  5. Group receiving kudos.
  6. Name of the person the kudo is coming from.
  7. If submitter is a resident, please type that here.
  8. Must include a photo of individual, group or project the person(s) were working on. Submitting PEAK Performance graphic will not count.
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