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Remote Audio/Visual/PC Support Checklist

  1. Please fill out the information below and the Communications Office will contact you with options based off your request. The Event Organizer must be a City employee, City Councilor or the Mayor. Event Organizer must be present at event or designate a City employee that will be. Contact Adrian Guzman with the CO with any questions.

  2. Option*

    City staff has the option to check-out Communications Office's (CO) user-friendly A/V equipment, request CO audio tech or intern for setup support AND/OR request to use a professional vendor that the CO has a contract with. CO will cordinate with the vendor but the requesting department will be responsible for funding a vendor.

    Select all options that you are willing to do. We'll contact you and let you know which requests can be met.

  3. Event organizer must be City employee, City Council or the Mayor.

  4. For we can contact during event if necessary.
  5. Will Event Organizer be Present at Event?*

    City representative must present at event. If the event organizer won't be there, please select "no" and indicate who will be present.

  6. Must be City Employee, City Councilor or Mayor. Must have City representative at event.
  7. For we can contact during event if necessary.
  8. A/V for Event will be setup...*
  9. Please provide approximate dimensions, square footage or description of area were a/v needs setup.
  10. Your estimate should be on the high end to be safe.

  11. This should be the time the event is actually scheduled to start and scheduled/estimated to end. Do not include setup/take down time.

  12. Please indicate what time you want to start setting up the A/V equipment. If on a different date from event date, indicate in notes. 

  13. Please indicate what you want to take-down A/V equipment. If on a different date from event date, indicate in notes. 

  14. Besides speaker(s), what audio devices are needed? (select all that apply)*
  15. What visual display equipment is needed? (select all that apply)*
  16. Will there be a nearby power source available within 75ft?*
    If not, we may need to setup a generator.
  17. Will there be live music from instruments or vocals?*
    If yes, we may need do setup audio equalization.
  18. Leave This Blank: