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Social Media Registration & Access Form

  1. Social Media Registration & Access Form

    Please use the form below if you are wishing to create a new City-related social media page/account or get access to an existing social media account. Once the form is submitted, the Communications Office (CO) will review and then send out for e-signature approval from the employee, supervisor and department director. Contact Cherish Pena with the Communications Office at (575) 541-2021 / with any questions.

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  3. A section or department should only request a new City-related social media Page / account if they feel that their services or audience is unique in comparison to that of the official City of Las Cruces' social media pages. It is very difficult to get a following with a new Page or account. The City's official accounts already have a large following. You will need to explain why having a seperate Page or account would be benificial.*
  4. Admins and Editors must be registred with the Communications Office by filling out this form. Admins should only be granted to users that need full control of the account. Along with basic editing, Admin's have access to the account setting and manage user roles. If Admin privileges are not needed, a person can simply be added as an Editor instead. Admins are ultimately responsible for Editors and what they post. Admins must keep a log of Editors and have their Editors follow the City Manager Social Media Policy 1.12 and Social Media Procedures & User Guidelines (link above). Note: Editors only apply to Facebook and YouTube. To have multiple users for social accounts such as Instagram, Twitter or similar single login platforms, you will be required to use a social media management software like Hootsuite, Buffer or Social Pilot to manage. This is because you are not allowed to share login username/passwords. *
  5. Has Requested User Completed Social Media Training*

    To get permission to be an Editor or Admin on a City social media account, the requested user must have completed the Social Media Training provided by the Communications Office. For information on the training please contact the Communications Office at

  6. User Permissions Requested*
  7. If different from supervisor name

  8. Platform*

    Choose the platform(s) you are requesting access to. The following social media platforms have been approved by the City's Legal Office and Communications Office. For platforms outside these accounts please contact the Communications Office at

  9. For Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, you will need your personal account to setup access to a page or business account.
  10. Submit and eSign

    Once you complete the form, the Communications Office will review and forward the form to the requesting employee, supervisor and director for e-signature approval.  By signing you agree to all terms in the Social Media Procedures and User Guidelines and the City Manager's Social Media Policy. If you have any questions, please contact Cherish Pena, in the Communications Office.

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