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Agenda Center

MethodList NameDescription
ADA Advisory CommitteeADA Advisory Committee
Affordable Housing Advisory CommitteeAffordable Housing Advisory Committee
Airport Advisory BoardAirport Advisory Board
Capital Improvements Advisory CommitteeCapital Improvements Advisory Committee
City Art Board
DAC Juvenile Justice Continuum BoardDona Ana County Juvenile Justice Continuum Board
Development Review CommitteeDevelopment Review Committee
Economic Development PRCEconomic Development Policy Review Committee
Health and Human Services Advisory BoardHealth and Human Services Advisory Board
Health PRCHealth Policy Review Committee
Historic Preservation CommissionHistoric Preservation Commission
Housing PRCHousing Policy Review Committee
Las Cruces Lodger's Tax Advisory Board
Metro NarcoticsMetro Narcotics
Parks & Rec Advisory BoardParks & Rec Advisory Board
Planning and Zoning CommissionPlanning and Zoning Commission
Quality of Life PRCQuality of Life Policy Review Committee
Realize Las Cruces Ad Hoc Committee
You must sign in to subscribe to or unsubscribe from lists. Redistricting Ad Hoc Committee
Senior Programs Advisory BoardSenior Programs Advisory Board
Thomas Branigan Memorial Library BoardThomas Branigan Memorial Library Board
Transit Advisory BoardTransit Advisory Board
TSI PRCTransportation, Sustainability & Infrastructure Policy Review Committee
University District Citizen's Design Review BoardUniversity District Citizen's Design Review Board
VA Advisory BoardVA Advisory Board

Alert Center

MethodList NameDescription
Community AlertsBe notified when there is an emergency/important notification in the area.
Utilities AlertsGet alerts about Utilities and stay informed of emergencies and billing/payment issues.

Bid Postings

MethodList NameDescription
005 AbrasivesAbrasives
010 Acoustical Tile, Insulating MaterialsAcoustical Tile, Insulating Materials, and Supplies
020 Agricultural Equipment, ImplementsAgricultural Equipment, Implements, and Accessories (see class 022 for parts)
022 Agricultural Equipment and ImpAgricultural Equipment and Implement Parts
025 Air Compressors and AccessoriesAir Compressors and Accessories
031 Air Conditioning, HeatingAir Conditioning, Heating, and Ventilating Equipment, Parts and Accessories (see class 740 also)
035 Aircraft and Airport EquipmentAircraft and Airport Equipment, Parts, and Supplies
037 Amusement, Decorations, EntertainmentAmusement, Decorations, Entertainment, Toys, Etc.
045 Appliances and Equipment, Household TypeAppliances and Equipment, Household Type
050 Art Equipment and SuppliesArt Equipment and Supplies
052 Art ObjectsArt Objects
055 Automotive Accessories for AutomobilesAutomotive Accessories for Automobiles, Buses, Trailers, Trucks, Etc.
060 Automotive and Trailer EquipmentAutomotive and Trailer Equipment and Parts
065 Automotive and Trailer BodiesAutomotive and Trailer Bodies, Body Accessories, and Parts
071 Automobiles, School Buses, SUVAutomobiles, School Buses, SUVs, and Vans (incl. diesel, gasoline, electric, hybrid, and all other fuel types)
072 TrucksTrucks (incl. diesel, gasoline, electric, hybrid, and alternative fuel units)
073 TrailersTrailers
075 Automotive Shop and Related EquipmentAutomotive Shop and Related Equipment and Supplies
080 Badges, Awards, Emblems, NameBadges, Awards, Emblems, Name Tags and Plates, Jewelry, Etc.
085 Bags, Bagging, Ties, and Erosion SheetingBags, Bagging, Ties, and Erosion Sheeting, Etc.
100 Barrels, Drums, Kegs, and ContainersBarrels, Drums, Kegs, and Containers
110 Belts and Belting: AutomotiveBelts and Belting: Automotive and Industrial
125 Bookbinding SuppliesBookbinding Supplies
135 BricksBricks
150 Builders SuppliesBuilders Supplies
155 Buildings and Structures: FabricatedBuildings and Structures: Fabricated and Prefabricated
165 Cafeteria and Kitchen EquipmentCafeteria and Kitchen Equipment, Commercial
175 Rental or Lease ServicesRental or Lease Services of Appliances, Cafeteria, Film, Furniture, Hardware, Musical, Sewing and Window and Floor Coverings
192 Cleaning Compositions, DetergentsCleaning Compositions, Detergents, Solvents, and Strippers Prepackaged
195 Clocks, Watches, Timepieces, JewelryClocks, Watches, Timepieces, Jewelry and Precious Stones
200 Clothing: Athletic, Casual, DressClothing: Athletic, Casual, Dress, Uniform, Weather and Work-Related
201 Clothing AccessoriesClothing Accessories (See Class 800 For Shoes and Boots)
204 Computer Hardware and PeripheralsComputer Hardware and Peripherals for Microcomputers
206 Computer Hardware and PeripheralsComputer Hardware and Peripherals for Mini Frame Computers
207 Computer Accessories and SuppliesComputer Accessories and Supplies
208 Computer Software for MicrocomputersComputer Software for Microcomputers (Preprogrammed)
209 Computer Software for MiniComputer Software for Mini and Mainframe Computers (Preprogrammed)
210 Concrete and Metal ProductsConcrete and Metal Products, Culverts, Pilings, Septic Tanks, Accessories and Supplies
220 Controlling, Indicating, MeasuringControlling, Indicating, Measuring, Monitoring, and Recording Instruments and Supplies
225 Coolers, Drinking WaterCoolers, Drinking Water (Water Fountains)
240 Cutlery, Cookware, Dishes, GlasswareCutlery, Cookware, Dishes, Glassware, Silverware, Utensils, and Supplies
260 Dental Equipment and SuppliesDental Equipment and Supplies
265 Draperies, Curtains, and UpholsteryDraperies, Curtains, and Upholstery Material (Including Automobile Upholstery)
269 Drugs and PharmaceuticalsDrugs and Pharmaceuticals
280 Electrical Cables and WiresElectrical Cables and Wires (Not Electronic)
285 Electrical Equipment and SuppliesElectrical Equipment and Supplies (Except Cable and Wire)
287 Electronic Equipment, ComponentsElectronic Equipment, Components, Parts, and Accessories (See Class 730 for Testing or Analyzing Type)
290 Energy Collecting EquipmentEnergy Collecting Equipment and Accessories: Solar and Wind
295 Elevators, Escalators, and MovingElevators, Escalators, and Moving Walks (Building Type)
305 Engineering and ArchitecturalEngineering and Architectural Equipment, Surveying Equipment, Drawing Instruments, and Supplies
310 Envelopes, PlainEnvelopes, Plain (See Classes 525, 615, 640, 655, 665, and 966 for other types)
312 Environmental Protective EquipmentEnvironmental Protective Equipment (Inside and Outside)
318 Fare Collection EquipmentFare Collection Equipment and Supplies
320 Fasteners: Bolts, Nuts, PinsFasteners: Bolts, Nuts, Pins, Rivets, Screws, Etc. (Incl. Packaging, Strapping and Tying Equipment, and Supplies)
325 Feed, Bedding, VitaminsFeed, Bedding, Vitamins, and Supplements for Animals (See Class 875 for Drugs and Pharmaceuticals for Animals)
330 FencingFencing
335 Fertilizers and Soil ConditionFertilizers and Soil Condition
340 Fire Protection EquipmentFire Protection Equipment and Supplies
345 First Aid and Safety EquipmentFirst Aid and Safety Equipment and Supplies (Except Nuclear and Welding)
350 Flags, Flag Poles, BannersFlags, Flag Poles, Banners, and Accessories
360 Floor Covering, Floor CoveringFloor Covering, Floor Covering Installation and Removal Equipment, and Supplies
365 Floor Maintenance Machines, PartsFloor Maintenance Machines, Parts, and Accessories
375 Food: Bakery Products (Fresh)Food: Bakery Products (Fresh)
380 Foods: Dairy Products (Fresh)Foods: Dairy Products (Fresh)
385 Foods, FrozenFoods, Frozen
390 Foods: PerishableFoods: Perishable
393 Foods: Staple Grocery and GrocersFoods: Staple Grocery and Grocers Miscellaneous Items
405 Fuel, Oil, Grease and LubricantsFuel, Oil, Grease and Lubricants
410 Furniture: Health Care, HospitalFurniture: Health Care, Hospital and/or Doctors Office
420 Furniture: Cafeteria, ChapelFurniture: Cafeteria, Chapel, Courtroom, Dormitory, Household, Library, Lounge, and School
425 Furniture: OfficeFurniture: Office
430 Gases, Containers, EquipmentGases, Containers, Equipment: Laboratory, Medical, and Welding
435 Germicides, Cleaners, and RelatedGermicides, Cleaners, and Related Sanitation Products for Health Care Personnel
445 Hand Tools (Powered and Nonpowered)Hand Tools (Powered and Nonpowered), Accessories and Supplies
450 Hardware and Related ItemsHardware and Related Items
460 Hose, Accessories and SuppliesHose, Accessories and Supplies: Industrial, Commercial and Garden
465 Hospital and Surgical EquipmentHospital and Surgical Equipment, Instruments and Supplies
475 Hospital, Surgical, and MedicalHospital, Surgical, and Medical Related Accessories and Sundry Items
485 Janitorial Supplies, GeneralJanitorial Supplies, General Line
493 Laboratory Equipment and AccessoriesLaboratory Equipment and Accessories
515 Lawn Maintenance EquipmentLawn Maintenance Equipment and Accessories (See Class 020 for Agricultural Types)
525 Library and Archival EquipmentLibrary and Archival Equipment, Machines, and Supplies
530 Luggage, Brief Cases, PursesLuggage, Brief Cases, Purses and Related Items
540 Lumber, Siding and RelatedLumber, Siding and Related Products
545 Machinery and Hardware, IndustrialMachinery and Hardware, Industrial
550 Markers, Plaques and TrafficMarkers, Plaques and Traffic Control Devices
556 Mass Transportation TransitMass Transportation Transit Bus
557 Mass Transportation TransitMass Transportation Transit Bus Accessories and Parts
560 Material Handling, ConveyorsMaterial Handling, Conveyors, Storage Equipment and Accessories
578 Miscellaneous ProductsMiscellaneous Products (Not Otherwise Classified)
595 Nursery (Plants) Stock, EquipmentNursery (Plants) Stock, Equipment and Supplies
600 Office Machines, EquipmentOffice Machines, Equipment, and Accessories
605 Office Mechanical Aides, SmallOffice Mechanical Aides, Small Machines and Apparatuses
615 Office Supplies, GeneralOffice Supplies, General
620 Office Supplies: Erasers, InksOffice Supplies: Erasers, Inks, Leads, Pens, Pencils, Etc.
630 PaintPaint
635 Painting Equipment and AccessoriesPainting Equipment and Accessories
640 Paper and Plastic ProductsPaper and Plastic Products, Disposable
645 Paper (For Office and PrintPaper (For Office and Print Shop Use)
650 Park, Playground, RecreationalPark, Playground, Recreational Area and Swimming Pool Equipment and Supplies
652 Personal HygienePersonal Hygiene
655 Photographic Equipment, FilmPhotographic Equipment, Film, and Supplies ( Not Graphic Arts, Microfilm and Xray)
658 Pipe, Tubing, and AccessoriesPipe, Tubing, and Accessories (Not Fittings)
659 Pipe and Tubing FittingsPipe, Tubing, and Accessories
670 Plumbing Equipment, FixturesPlumbing Equipment, Fixtures and Supplies
675 Poisons: Agricultural and Industrial Poisons: Agricultural and Industrial
680 Police and Prison EquipmentPolice and Prison Equipment and Supplies
690 Power Generation EquipmentPower Generation Equipment, Accessories, and Supplies
691 Power Transmission EquipmentPower Transmission Equipment (Electrical, Mechanical, Air and Hydraulic)
715 Publications, AudioVisual MaterialsPublications, AudioVisual Materials, Books, Textbooks (Prepared Materials Only)
720 Pumping Equipment and AccessoriesPumping Equipment and Accessories
725 Radio Communication, TelephoneRadio Communication, Telephone, and Telecommunication, Accessories and Supplies
735 Rags, Shop Towels and WipingRags, Shop Towels and Wiping Cloths
740 Refrigeration Equipment and AccessoriesRefrigeration Equipment and Accessories
745 Road and Highway Building MaterialsRoad and Highway Building Materials (Asphaltic)
750 Road and Highway Building MaterialsRoad and Highway Building Materials (Not Asphaltic)
755 Road and Highway AsphaltRoad and Highway Asphalt and Concrete Handling and Processing Equipment
760 Road and Highway EquipmentRoad and Highway Equipment: Earth Handling, Grading, Moving, Packing, Etc.
765 Road and Highway EquipmentRoad and Highway Equipment (Except Equipment in Classes 755 and 760)
770 Roofing Materials and SuppliesRoofing Materials and Supplies
775 Salt (Sodium Chloride)Salt (Sodium Chloride) (See Class 393 for Table Salt)
785 School Equipment and SuppliesSchool Equipment and Supplies
790 Seed, Sod, Soil and InoculantsSeed, Sod, Soil and Inoculants
800 Shoes and BootsShoes and Boots
801 Signs, Sign Materials, Sign makingSigns, Sign Materials, Sign Making Equipment and Related Supplies
803 Sound Systems, ComponentsSound Systems, Components and Accessories: Group Intercom, Music, Public Address, Etc
805 Sporting Goods, Athletic EquipmentSporting Goods, Athletic Equipment and Athletic Facility Equipment
810 Spraying EquipmentSpraying Equipment (Except Household, Nursery Plant, and Paint)
815 Steam & Hot Water FittingsSteam & Hot Water Fittings
832 Tape (Not Data Processing, MeasuringTape (Not Data Processing, Measuring, Optical, Sewing, Sound, or Video)
838 Telecommunications and CellularTelecommunications and Cellular Equipment, Accessories, and Supplies
840 Television Equipment and AccessoriesTelevision Equipment and Accessories
850 Textiles, Fibers, Household LinensTextiles, Fibers, Household Linens and piece goods
855 Theatrical Equipment and SuppliesTheatrical Equipment and Supplies
863 Tires and Tubes (incl. Recapped/Retreaded Tires)Tires and Tubes (incl. Recapped/Retreaded Tires)
865 Twine and StringTwine and String
870 Venetian Blinds, AwningsVenetian Blinds, Awnings and Shades
875 Veterinary Equipment and SuppliesVeterinary Equipment and Supplies (See Class 325 for Vitamins and Supplements for Animals)
885 Water and Wastewater TreatingWater and Wastewater Treating Chemicals
890 Water Supply, Groundwater, Sewage TreatmentWater Supply, Groundwater, Sewage Treatment, and Related Equipment (not for air conditioning, steam boiler, or laboratory reagent water)
895 Welding Equipment and SuppliesWelding Equipment and Supplies
905 Aircraft and Airport OperationAircraft and Airport Operations Services
906 Landscape ArchitectureLandscape Architecture
908 Bookbinding and Repairing ServBookbinding and Repairing Services
909 Building Construction ServicesBuilding Construction Services, New (incl. maintenance and repair services)
910 Building Maintenance, InstallationBuilding Maintenance, Installation, and Repair Services
912 Construction Services, GeneralConstruction Services, General (incl. maintenance and repair services)
913 Construction Services, HeavyConstruction Services, Heavy (incl. maintenance and repair services)
914 Construction Services, TradeConstruction Services, Trade (new construction)
915 Communications and Media RelatedCommunications and Media Related Services
918 Consulting ServicesConsulting Services
920 Data Processing, ComputerData Processing, Computer, and Software Services
924 Educational/Training ServicesEducational/Training Services
925 Engineering Services, ProfessionalEngineering Services, Professional
926 Environmental and EcologicalEnvironmental and Ecological Services
928 Equipment Maintenance and RepairEquipment Maintenance and Repair for Automobiles, Trucks, Trailers, Transit Buses and other Vehicles
929 Equipment Maintenance and RepairEquipment Maintenance and Repair for Agricultural, Construction, Heavy Industrial, Material Handling, and Road and Highway Equipment
931 Equipment Maintenance and RepairEquipment Maintenance and Repair Service for Appliance, Athletic, Cafeteria, Furniture, Musical Instruments, and Sewing Equipment
934 Equipment Maintenance and RepairEquipment Maintenance and Repair Services for Laundry, Lawn, Painting, Plumbing, and Spraying Equipment
You must sign in to subscribe to or unsubscribe from lists. 936 Equipment Maintenance and RepairEquipment Maintenance and Repair Services for General Equipment
939 Equipment Maintenance and RepairEquipment Maintenance and Repair Services for Computers, Office, Photographic, and Radio/Television Equipment
You must sign in to subscribe to or unsubscribe from lists. 946 Financial ServicesFinancial Services
948 Health Related ServicesHealth Related Services (See Class 952 for Human Services)
952 Human ServicesHuman Services
953 Insurance and Insurance ServicesInsurance and Insurance Services (All types)
956 Library ServicesLibrary Services (incl. Research and Subscription Services)
958 Management ServicesManagement Services
961 Miscellaneous Services, NO. 1Miscellaneous Services, NO. 1 (Not otherwise Classified)
962 Miscellaneous Services, NO. 2Miscellaneous Services, NO. 2 (Not otherwise Classified)
963 Non-Biddable Miscellaneous ItemsNon-Biddable Miscellaneous Items
966 Printing and Typesetting ServicesPrinting and Typesetting Services
968 Public Works and Related ServicesPublic Works and Related Services
971 Real Property Rental or LeaseReal Property Rental or Lease
975 Rental or Lease ServicesRental or Lease Services of Equipment - Agricultural, Aircraft, Automotive, Heavy Equipment, and Marine Equipment
981 Rental or Lease of EquipmentRental or Lease of Equipment - General Equipment
983 Rental or Lease ServicesRental or Lease Services of Clothing, Janitorial, Laundry, Lawn, Painting, Spraying, Laboratory, and Textile Equipment
985 Rental or Lease ServicesRental or Lease Services of Office, Photographic, Printing, Radio/Television/Telephone Equipment
988 Roadside, Grounds, RecreationalRoadside, Grounds, Recreational and Park Area Services
989 Sampling and Sample PreparationSampling and Sample Preparation Services (for Testing)
990 Security, Fire, Safety, and EmergencySecurity, Fire, Safety, and Emergency Services
992 Testing and Calibration ServicesTesting and Calibration Services


MethodList NameDescription
Rubber Ducks"Rubber Ducks" blog is brought to you by the Las Cruces Public Art program to share ideas, information, discussions, trends and all things public art.


MethodList NameDescription
AirportAirport meetings and events.
Animal Services Center of the Mesilla ValleyASCMV events and meetings.
Boards, Committees and CommissionsAll boards, committee and commission meetings.
Branigan Cultural CenterBranigan Cultural Center events.
City CouncilCity Council meetings, neighborhood meetings, and work sessions.
City Manager's OfficeCity Manager's Office events and meetings.
Community DevelopmentCommunity Development events and meetings.
Community Engagement Community Engagement events and meetings.
You must sign in to subscribe to or unsubscribe from lists. District 1 Meetings and EventsDistrict 1 Meetings and Events
You must sign in to subscribe to or unsubscribe from lists. District 2 Meetings and EventsDistrict 2 Meetings and Events
You must sign in to subscribe to or unsubscribe from lists. District 3 Meetings and EventsDistrict 3 Meetings and Events
You must sign in to subscribe to or unsubscribe from lists. District 4 Meetings and EventsDistrict 4 Meetings and Events.
You must sign in to subscribe to or unsubscribe from lists. District 5 Meetings and EventsDistrict 5 Meetings and Events.
You must sign in to subscribe to or unsubscribe from lists. District 6 Meetings and EventsDistrict 6 Meetings and Events.
Economic Development Economic Development events and meetings.
Economic Development Business Calendar
FireCalendar events and meetings for the Fire Department.
Fitness Classes and SessionsCalendar of a variety of fitness classes and sessions at Parks and Recreation facilities and parks.
Holiday Closures All City holiday closures.
Lush and LeanLush and Lean community workshops.
You must sign in to subscribe to or unsubscribe from lists. Municipal ElectionsImportant Dates and Deadlines related to Municipal Elections
Museum of ArtMuseum of Art events.
Museum of Nature ScienceMuseum of Nature Science events.
Parks and Rec Boards and Committee MeetingsBoards and Commitee meetings in the Parks and Recreation Department.
You must sign in to subscribe to or unsubscribe from lists. Parks and Recreation Events and Activities
Plaza de Las CrucesPlaza de Las Cruces events.
PolicePolice events.
Public Art Public art events.
Public Input MeetingsSee when the City is holding public input meetings.
Public WorksPublic Works meetings.
Quality of LifeQuality of Life events and meetings.
Railroad Depot MuseumRailroad Depot Museum events.
Rio Grande TheatreRio Grande Theater events and shows.
You must sign in to subscribe to or unsubscribe from lists. Senior NutritionEvents for the Senior Nutrition section of Senior Programs
Senior ProgramsEvents and programs put on by the Quality of Life, Senior Programs section.
Special EventsCalendar for special events put on by the City of Las Cruces.
Thomas Branigan Memorial Library Thomas Branigan Memorial Library events.
TransportationTransportation meetings.
Utilities Utilities events and meetings.
Veterans Corner Veterans Corner events and meetings.
Visit Las Cruces (CVB)Calendar event from Visit Las Cruces.
Volunteer NetworkKeep track of all City of Las Cruces volunteer events.
Youth Recreation and Sports LeaguesCalendar for youth recreation events and sports leagues.

News Flash

MethodList NameDescription
Business Events
Cariño SubmissionsIt's always nice to get a pat on the back when deserved. You can read stories of the City and it's employees showing cariño to the community!
Community DevelopmentNews coming from the Community Development department.
COVID-19 Business NewsGet news from the City of Las Cruces about things that may help businesses deal with the pandemic.
You must sign in to subscribe to or unsubscribe from lists. District 1 NewsGet news from City Council District 1.
You must sign in to subscribe to or unsubscribe from lists. District 2 NewsGet news from Las Cruces District 2.
District 3 NewsGet news from City Council District 3.
District 4 NewsGet news from City Council District 4.
District 5 NewsGet news from City Council District 5.
You must sign in to subscribe to or unsubscribe from lists. District 6 NewsGet news from City Council District 6.
You must sign in to subscribe to or unsubscribe from lists. Economic Development
Hot TopicsView highlighted messages to the public.
Legal PublicationsLiquor License required website publications.
Library News
You must sign in to subscribe to or unsubscribe from lists. Museum ExhibitsUpcoming and current museum exhibits.
Museum NewsDiscover upcoming museum events and information.
You must sign in to subscribe to or unsubscribe from lists. News ReleasesNews releases are a written communication directed at the news media to announce something of public interest.
You must sign in to subscribe to or unsubscribe from lists. Parks and RecreationNews coming from the Parks and Recreation department.
Public Art
You must sign in to subscribe to or unsubscribe from lists. Public SafetyNews coming from the Police and Fire departments.
Public Works NewsGet news and updates regarding Public Works projects around the City of Las Cruces like construction updates and traffic alerts.
You must sign in to subscribe to or unsubscribe from lists. Quality of Life
RoadRUNNER TransitNews and Alerts relating to transit services.
You must sign in to subscribe to or unsubscribe from lists. Senior ProgramsRelevant news for constituents 50 years and older
You must sign in to subscribe to or unsubscribe from lists. UtilitiesNews coming from the City of Las Cruces Utilities department.
Volunteer NetworkStay up to date on volunteer opportunities throughout the City of Las Cruces.